SS Great Britain
The SS Great Britain (12 miles)
This magnificent passenger steam ship was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and sailed between Bristol and New York.
She was the first ship to be made of iron and use a screw propellor, and was the first iron ship to cross the Atlantic in 1845 in just 14 days.
She was also the longest ship in the world at the time measuring 98 metres in length.
After being run aground she was then sold for salvage and after transporting thousands of immigrants to Australia, eventually ended up in the Falklands and used as a storage vessel, and was eventually scuttled and sunk by the owners in 1937.

She lain there for 33 years underwater, until in 1970, Sir Jack Hayward, OBE, paid for her to be transported back to Bristol, where she was first built 127 years earlier.