The Severn Bridges

The Bridges ( 5 miles)

The Severn Bridge was opened  in 1966 by Queen Elizabeth II and spans the Severn between England an Wales.

It gained Grade 1  listing status in 1999.

Its lightweight design was innovative in its time, gaining much accolade across the world.

The bridge was dedicated to peace as part of the Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossoms programme in 1991.

It won the Civic Trust award in 1968.

The Bridge can also be walked or cycled on its entire length to Monmouthshire, and makes a really good day out for those who wish to visit Chepstow.

In 2018, all bridge tolls were scrapped, and so a trip over to lovely Chepstow cost nothing but petrol money now.

The Second Severn Crossing, now named the Prince of Wales Bridge, was  inaugurated on 5 June 1996 by the Prince of Wales himself, to relieve the flow of increasing traffic over the Severn Bridge.

For the technically minded, this is a 'cable stayed bridge', unlike the Severn Bridge, which is a suspension bridge.

A cabled structure secured to towers hold the bridge deck forming a fan like pattern.

The road across the bridge is larger than the Severn Bridge, but has no cycle way and a reduced hard shoulder.